Terms & Conditions

1. Scope:
  • Our business terms and conditions are applicable to the purchase of contracts concluded through our site Science Sphere and also through related e-mail communication provided by Science Sphere.
  • As per these Terms and conditions, any user of the website shall be referred as 'Customer'.

2. Offering of Science Sphere:
  • Our services of scientific publication and editorial services are ordered by the customer through the website.

3. Ordering and Purchasing of Science Sphere services:
  • The customers need to initially register to our website to order a publication from our Science Sphere site.
  • Required details need to be provided by the customer in order to register to the site
  • The request for editorial and publication service starts when the customer submits his/her article to the respective journal for peer-review
  • The customer agrees for the Open Access publishing of the research submitted towards the journal. At the same time, the customer agrees for the APC policy, for making payment for publishing their article.
  • Customer has the every right for cancellation or withdrawal of their paper from the Journal when the paper is in peer-review process. Anyhow, if the article is accepted once for publication, it is no longer agreed for cancellation by Science Sphere.
  • During the period of ordering a publication or services to the customer, Science Sphere has every right to cancel or reject the paper without any reason and thus cancelling the contract. The customer shall be refunded completely if there were any charges collected by Science Sphere as a service fee.

5. Manuscript and Copyright Issues:
  • If any kind of material is reproduced from other publications in your manuscript, a proof is necessary for obtaining copyright permissions.
  • The accepted articles will be published under the terms and conditions as per Creative Commons Attribution licence.

6. Contract Document:
  • There is no separate document for Terms and conditions provided through the contract; anyhow the customer can check the updated terms and conditions by logging into our site using user credentials.