Reviewers Guidelines

Science Sphere is the most user-friendly Open Access publishing company with transparent and quick peer-review process. Science Sphere honors the reviewers who put efforts in making a transparent and quality reviewing process. Being a reviewer at Science Sphere makes your life simple, thanks to our advanced editorial process.

Reviewer Benefits:
  • Discounts on APC - Being part of the reviewer team, will offer additional benefits for you. Science Sphere proudly offers discounts for those reviewers who have contributed towards the review process of our journals
  • Career Building - Being a reviewer you can build your profile by taking up our multiple reviewer assignments, which also build your expertise
  • Acknowledgements - Reviewers get acknowledgements in the papers which are published, we always remember to acknowledge your efforts
  • Reviewer certificate - A reviewer certificate also be given for being associated with us continuously.

Instructions for Reviewers:
Review on Invitation - As a reviewer, you will be receiving our invitations to review. Based on your availability you can accept or reject.

1. Confidentiality - We expect reviewers to maintain confidentiality of the information being reviewed by you. As we deal with scientific discoveries and studies it is our duty to ensure the privacy of authors and their research.

2. Manuscript Rating & Review Report - Reviewers are expected to give specific rating for each manuscript. The manuscript rating can be given while submitting the reviewer form. The rating can be given as per your review with comments about the paper. Care has to be taken in addressing the errors or changes in the paper.