Peer Review

Collaborative Peer-Review Editing Process
  • Relentless, Practical, dynamic and transparent.
  • Independent and self-reliant review, Collaborative review
  • Published Papers will have the names of Handled by Expert Editor, Reviewer mentioned
  • Rapid Peer review - Publish a paper 90 Days For publishing a paper (Submission to Publishing)

Peer Review

Science Sphere follows peer-review process in processing research publications to provide quality and influential research to the world.
Review process: -

Authors - It starts with authors submitting their manuscripts to the respective journals.
Reviewers - The manuscripts are reviewed by the subject matter experts and suggest areas of improvement
Editors - Editors are the experts who take reviewer comments into consideration and take a final call about publishing the paper.

Manuscript Quality Standards:

As a part of quality improvement, the manuscripts undergo various stages in the journey of getting published.
Acceptance: Manuscripts are accepted based on vital criteria after i) re-verifying the hypothesis and the supporting theories, ii) Confirming the application of transparent methodology used in the research, iii) Presentation language, iv) Author guidelines and v) Referencing

Rejection: The author submission might be rejected at any point in case the above mentioned either if they did not meet “Acceptance criteria”.