APC Policy

As a budding open access publisher, Science Sphere needs lot of honored and valuable contributions to publish research to the world. By charging a nominal amount Publication fee, we would like to make this open access platform stronger and user friendly.

Being one of the leading and emerging online publisher and well wisher of the research field, we believe to go forward as a team and we would love to have company of our writers/reviewers/editors in making research available for everyone without any barriers.

Our Open Access operations need minimum amount charges to be taken care of regular editorial office. Please find the detailed Article Processing Charges list for our journals at Article Processing Charges section on Journal home pages. Anyhow, Discounts and waivers upon fee are applicable upon special circumstances and we always offer such benefits to our authors.

1. APC Structure and Rationale - All the journals of Science Sphere have a definite fee structure, as the authors who publish articles with us need to pay Article Processing Charges. APC is the lone, revenue system which powers our Open Access journals. Anyhow, our APC for the journals are categorized as per the kind of Open-Access funding available for the respective subjects.

2. Benchmarking APCs - We have the Benchmark APC structure as per European Commission Estimates.

3. How APCs are spent - As mentioned before, Article revenue is the only way through which our Journals get revenue. Anyhow, the APCs in turn useful to ensure publishing high-quality research with the help of our expert editor and review teams.

4. Journal Operations - Journal operations take the majority of the APC’s as, Journal operations comprise about the key stages of peer-review process

5. Publishing costs - The works that happen after the article’s complete cycle comprise of the publishing cost that are covered in APCs.

6. Technology and Innovation - A considerable parts of our APCs are spent for technology and innovation in order for effective processing of papers.

7. Communications - We develop effective communications which make the editorial process free from any miscommunications.

8. Collaborations - Collaborations needed to develop the journal’s scope and the investment we do for getting collaborated with important academia’s, needs some part of APC.

9. Discounts and Waivers - These are integral part of our regular article publishing, to assist with authors who are not funded enough to publish their paper. We assist such offers to authors with the help of APC.

10. Administration - Regular administration work of human resources, accounting, finance costs add up to the APC we charge.

11. Awards and Honorarium - We reward our reviewers and editors who provide for effectively handling journal operations.

12. Cost of Rejection - Along with the revenue needed for editorial operations, there is allocated revenue that goes off in handling submissions which get rejected. The cost of rejection will also come under the fee policy where APC gets it covered.